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Current Beauty Faves | February 

I haven't done a beauty faves in sooooO long! Some of these items creep up in my daily makeup routine anyway so they'll be of no shock to any of you that follow my social medias but lets delve in! On the base, I recently bought the new L'Oréal infalliable total cover, this foundation on advertisements… Continue reading Current Beauty Faves | February 

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Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick Review

It's time for another beauty review! This week I finally got my hands on an item I have been lusting over for quite some time and it arrived at my door and naturally I had to test it out! Lime Crime's opaque lipsticks are somewhat the talk of the internet at the moment, apart from… Continue reading Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick Review

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Review: TooFace Lip Injection Colour Bomb

Todays review is on a product that I was so excited to try out as soon as I purchased it today and at a bargain of a price too! I want to start with the basics, the packaging and overall appearance of the product.. which I LOVE, the packaging is a simple pale pink with… Continue reading Review: TooFace Lip Injection Colour Bomb

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AW14 Tis the season to party !

AW14 means christmas parties, work nights out, girly nights and all round celebrations 24/7 right? So get yourself prepared and prettily well organised, if you're like me, extremely unorganized, this post may just teach you something... maybe... dont take my word for it. Okay, first things first (im not the realest) lets think about whats… Continue reading AW14 Tis the season to party !

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Up and Coming: Independent Online Stores

One of the many things I love about online shopping are those up and coming new independent stores where the items are either handmade and are created to suit a particular audience of people. I Thought Id make a quick post to tell you all what my current favourite online independent stores are, what they… Continue reading Up and Coming: Independent Online Stores

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Autumn Beauty Wishlist

Now I have a job, i've entered the grown up world with full force as I enter college with a job by my side and a car to start driving around in and of course one of the best days, pay day! Here are some items I am utterly lusting over and pay day can't… Continue reading Autumn Beauty Wishlist


PB+ chocolate cookies

So here is my super quick and easy peanut butter and chocolate cookies inspired by Marzias Nutella cookies! Ingredients x1 cup full of flour X1 cup of peanut butter (softened or mixed with soft butter) X1 egg X3 tbl spoons of sugar to make it sweet, X1 cup full of chocolate pieces Sieve the flour… Continue reading PB+ chocolate cookies