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Current Beauty Faves | February 

I haven't done a beauty faves in sooooO long! Some of these items creep up in my daily makeup routine anyway so they'll be of no shock to any of you that follow my social medias but lets delve in! On the base, I recently bought the new L'Oréal infalliable total cover, this foundation on advertisements… Continue reading Current Beauty Faves | February 


MOTD: coppers galore

   Due to the fact it was my 18th (ayyyyy) this look is the most simplistic look I've done with my makeup, Base: Benefits brightening primer Rimmels 25 hour stay foundation Eyes:  Urban Decay primer  Bourjois white eyeshadow pot for the inner corner blended into the middle naked two (chopper) blended into the crease and… Continue reading MOTD: coppers galore

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Autumn Beauty Wishlist

Now I have a job, i've entered the grown up world with full force as I enter college with a job by my side and a car to start driving around in and of course one of the best days, pay day! Here are some items I am utterly lusting over and pay day can't… Continue reading Autumn Beauty Wishlist


March favourites 2014

Monthly favourites are back once again... like every month.. of course...I haven't really done much this month as exam prep is literally stacking up and im less than 5/6 weeks away from my first gcse exam so yeah.. as you can tell im freaking out like I don't know what as Im not naturally clever… Continue reading March favourites 2014