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T’was The Outfit For The Party Season*

December, thats right December, not November you eager beavers, the festive season is here and it's here full pelt! Whether you're partying non-stop or its your christmas works do... or maybe you just like to dress full glam daily, thats ok too BECAUSE have everything you could possibly need for the season! So sit… Continue reading T’was The Outfit For The Party Season*

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First Impressions: Ritz crisp & thin*

I was given the opportunity to try out the new Ritz crisps as im extremely opinionated and my honest reviews are well... extremely honest! I was sent both the large share packs and the individual packs of the crisps in the flavours they have available in their range and naturally being a lover of food… Continue reading First Impressions: Ritz crisp & thin*