Annual Networking Event:

Salford Bazaar


Art Direction

Graphic Design



Within our course we were to host a Networking event. This had to be hosted, branded and created purely by ourselves, the students. It was a slow burner however initially I took creative lead and began promoting ideas for branding. Once decided we chose not to ‘reinvent the wheel’ and went with a typeface I had created for a previous project. Once decided on a name, Salford Bazaar was born. An eclectic group of creatives bringing ourselves to the table. Throughout the process running up to the event I suppose I had my fingers in many pies, I got the ball rolling with branding, aided the print team, social media team with animations and delivered the emails with the admin team. This project was a real test of strength and pushed me to creative challenges I had yet to face as a third year. It’s definitely made me consider art direction and the aspects towards branding.

Here is the email invite I created. Rather than just email a box of copy text I thought why not let them have a visual. Using existing software I also created the QR code that linked directly to the eventbrite for tickets.