My role at WarehouseBrands I cover an array of tasks within my role of creative marketing & Graphic Design, these include managing the social media accounts, content creation for social media, paid social, crm email, print ready files, sending pr packs to potential clients & site layout. I create content that ranges from static, animated, promotional, informative & video content.

Product Photography

I take all of the companies in-house photography myself, we don’t have a studio set up but I have my own personal lighting equipment to create the ideal ecommerce style product photos.

Videographer & Editor

Here are some examples of videos I’ve either shot & edited or just edited to include overlays, these are used across social media, paid advertisements, youtube & on products on the site.

Email Marketing

Within my role I oversee the creation of the email marketing assets, from creation to scheduling

Print Ready

Here are some examples of print-ready material I produce, from our sample box designs, introduction packages to potential clients to flyers for the sample products.

Site Mockup Development

To work with the web developing team I created a range of mockups to show them how we’d like the site to look through its stages of development. These are now implemented and live!