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L’Oreal Hydra Genius ( THE BEST )

Holla up wheres all my gals n guys at that don’t regularly moisturise and completely forget that its a necessity… just me then?
As a human with acne, you get the good old fashioned dreaded thought of ‘I CANT MOISTURISE IT’LL MAKE MY ACNE WORSE’, well, no.
This is actually a huuuuge myth, not even legitimately true, sure heavily cream based products may make your skin worse, however, its all about finding a moisturiser that suits your skin type!

I may have found my holy grail here.
I may be late on the band wagon but whilst me and Anton were browsing Superdrug.. we do love our skincare at the moment, I came across this display and it was on offer for £6 – something, it retails at £9.99 usually! >>

They have a few to choose from skin type wise, Normal to combination, Normal to Dry & Dry and Sensitive. I opted for the normal to combination as my skin tends to go from being absolutely fine, to either a greasy mess or a tad dry so if that isn’t the definition of combination then god knows what is!

The reason it peaked my interest is because although I usually use my Olay moisturiser, I’ve always still been a bit iffy over cream based moisturisers, this one however seems to be the answers to my bloody prayers, its a cooling gel based moisturiser that hydrates your skin HUGELY without leaving it greasy or tacky or that really minging heavy feeling on your face. A pea sized amount goes a looooong way!
Both me and my fella have been using it religiously day and night for about 2 weeks now and holy shit, my skin is softer than when I was bloody born, I’m SHOOK.
It feels like an incredibly silky smooth gel once its dried into your skin, which it does very quickly, and I don’t look AS tired every morning, it seems to improve the complexion of my skin and its definitely helped with any problem areas!

IMG_4234.jpgThe packaging is to die for, its a glass bottle with a teal metallic pump, looks good on your makeup desk which is always a plus!
It’s incredibly affordable and I feel like its definitely my go-to product when I feel like shit and I know my skin needs an extra drop of support!
I’m going to now go and enjoy my baby smooth, slightly still acne covered skin now, tra!


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