I don’t have my shit together.

I dont have my shit together.
At all.
Everyone around me is either getting their dream job, getting married, having kids, travelling, doing extraordinary things aaaand I’m not.
(( Not that I want kids don’t shit yourself Anton ))

Its 3:34pm, I’m sat in the same seat in uni that I’ve been sat in since half 12 waiting for the boy to finish so we can head off home, staring out over Manchester, its groggy weather, office blocks and cranes decorating the horizon and I can’t help but still question why don’t I have my shit together.
Because im 20.
Jokes, age means fuck all,


Don’t feel pressured by other peoples achievements or plans, everyone takes a different path in life, I just keep personally veering off paths to join new paths, like an endless path taker..er.
Take each day as it comes, that doesn’t mean you cant set yourself personal goals but don’t make them your lifes be all end all.
Take your time, enjoy it whilst its here, I’ll still wish I had my shit together that littlest of bit but hey, shit happens.


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