Learn to self-love

Self love, a taboo topic thats about as likeable as marmite.. depending on whether you like marmite or not, its a free country.

So if you’re a miserable shit like me, I can say it because I love myself for it, keep reading! You may learn a thing or two… or maybe just one thing.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 21.39.58This year I’ve really learnt to take control of this topic and squish it somehow into my brain to make some sense of it because trust me, it doesn’t come easy to us all so if you’re sat there being a miserable shit not thinking much about yourself, listen up.

Self love isn’t about loving yourself temporarily, lost a bit of weight and love yourself but as soon as you put that weight back on you drop straight back into the negativity zone.
Self love should be unconditional love for yourself no matter what outcome the point brings.
However, don’t be selfish about it, of course it isn’t selfish to love yourself but don’t start palming off the love from others whether it be friends, family, relationships, once you self love you can balance the rest so much easily.
Love others just as much as you love yourself.

So stand away from the dreaded negative zone, start off easy if you wish, each morning pick out one thing to love yourself for, whether it be an achievement, something you did that makes you happy, anything!
Give yourself time and permission to make yourself happy, even if it does include binging out on reeces cups… guilty, entirely.

Sure I have days where I wake up, look at that mirror and honestly is that an intruder in the house because I don’t remember letting that hideous creature in, jokes jokes, besides the point.
Perhaps we can’t self love ourselves ENTIRELY, there’ll always be things you wish you can change about yourselves, its natural!

So take yourself for coffee, take yourself out for food, treat-yo-self !
Love yourself emotionally and physically, once you learn to love yourself you can’t go wrong really.


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