Where have I been?

2017 is nearly over and I last posted in April, a solid 6 months of silence, did I drop off the face of the earth?
No, not really.
Albeit a lot has changed whether it be within my life or in general, truth be told I fell out of love with blogging, entirely.
From blogging to youtube to just in general trying too hard to develop my little site into something I didn’t quite want anymore until now.

Regardless, ya girls back in town and has awoken from a much needed hiatus and to be fair, I’m bloody grateful to myself for it.

So what have you missed? I’ll give you all a brief summery,
I finished college with a D*D*D, got into my chosen uni, pulled my finger out my arse to work and bought a new car, went through a shitty breakup, shitty people, shitty events in general, turned 20 (Insert not 19 forever here), two job changes, but theres always a light at the end of the tunnel and I found mine, friends, family and someone who makes me incredibly happy that I love a ridiculous amount, I know you’re reading this lmao, which pretty much encouraged me to give myself the kick to write this post.

Down to nitty-gritty, I want to take my blog into a complete turn around direction as I felt I was becoming too bogged down with trying to compete with the blogging market out there and I realised that was never my intentions nor my purpose for this site, this site was meant to reflect my true self and I felt as though I was falling into the stereotypical blogger category, which isn’t me.
From doing reviews for brands that I care not for, albeit I appreciated the outreach but the products weren’t for me nor my blog and I fell into a routine of just strolling along throwing posts around here there everywhere with nothing real going into the posts.

So, I’m still the shite humoured teal haired gal, but its time for a fresh start, no bullshit, no eyeroll worthy behaviour, welcome to SimplyChloe … for reals.



4 thoughts on “Where have I been?”

  1. Congrats on the distinction grade Chloe! I completely get what you mean about your blog. I’ve been going through the same thing. Hope you can find your passion for writing again soon.

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