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*Snack Time : RITZ Bakefuls

Did someone say snack time?

Everyone loves a good snack.. maybe me more than most, I’m always down for snack time and so when I was offered the chance to review the new RITZ Bakefuls, obviously I was all “hell yeah!”, they definitely didn’t disappoint!

Okay, so when this box turned up at my door I was like ok.. so this is real, I’ve actually completed my dream of snacks being delivered to my home, isn’t that everybodies dream?🤔

Firstly, these packets popped out of a really well put together box with a platform that rose upon opening, if they put THIS MUCH detail into the packaging then I had extremely high expectations from the word go!

So, what are bakefuls? Why are they different from the ritz thins or any other crisp in general!? Well. They’re a lot like the ritz crisp and thin, except they’re not thin and much more of a cracker form but.. BUT, 30% less fat?! Can I hear a hallelujah, praise the king of all snacks, there’s nothing better than a healthier alternative to an already popular snack and this definitely just fits the bill!

I gave the salt and vinegar a go, I just couldn’t put these bad boys down, unbelievably moreish, the flavour is very strong, reminds me of classic salt and vinegar seaside chips, luxurious tasting almost! Do love me a posh crisp… although I’m not much of a crisp eater they’re definitely now on my radar when I go shopping!

My only issue here is I want more and I can’t wait for them to be released into supermarkets around me, crazy crazy good and only 30% less fat (Yaaaas!)
Don’t just take my word for it, go and try them for yourselves!

– Chloe, x


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