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Unicorns Heart – Rainbow Highlight

Prepare your eye holes for the most gorgeous thing you’re going to see today… or tomorrow.. or for the rest of your life.
Thats right, I finally got my hands on the I ❤ Makeup rainbow highlight in ‘Unicorn Heart’ and yes, I can confirm, its even prettier irl. JUST LOOK AT IT.IMG_3419I managed to bag this beauty in my local Superdrug, you can however get it direct from the TAM Beauty website but Im a penny saver and didn’t fancy paying for postage.. I’m a tight arse.
At only £4.99 from Superdrug I noticed one box in the stand, I had literally been waiting FOREVER for it to com back in stock both online and instore, I was incredibly lucky finding this little gem on one of my practically daily visits in the store.

Okay, lets get straight down to basics.
The packaging, I LOVE IT. The product packaging itself is in a pearlescent cardboard heart, with holographic writing and rainbows galore (incl a unicorn)
I LOVE the fact the packaging is heart shaped, I cant help but feel as though the raised product makes for a nice smooth application when the brush can glide over it.
Time for a swatch,

As you can see, its super bloody pigmented like holy cow this baby is SHIMMER AF.
I love how its in perfect stripes too as this means I can either swish my brush over the spectrum or just choose to have a specific colour as my daily glow, handy no?
Its a creamy smooth product, definitely not chalky or too powdery and the colour pay-off you can see for yourself! incredible!
Even as I scrubbed it away it still left a perfect pearlescent glow which is super reliable if your makeup tends to sweat away during the day!

With rainbow highlighters being high in demand on the trends if you dont want to burst the bank or pay for a product that wont do much, I promise you wont be disappointed with I ❤ Makeups Unicorn heart.
Ive seen a few rainbow highlighters on my browsings and tutorials of people making their own, save yourselves the pennies and time and heart wrenching footage of crushing up eye shadows, grab this product whilst you can!!

IMG_3145I honestly feel like queen of the unicorns when I wear this, gloooow giiiiiiirl!

You can find this little beauty riiiight here:
Superdrug –
TAM Beauty –

Don’t just take my word for it, be a disco ball of light for yourselves!


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