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Embroidered Bomber

Another ootd you say? Well, yes.FullSizeRender
If you follow me on insta (@simplychloe_)  you’ll notice I post a lot more ootd’s and in general over there than on my blog and the truth is, I just lost my excitement for writing!
But I gave myself a good kick and a well deserved break and I’m more determined than ever!

Floral bombers have been HUGE as an easy going throw on jacket, no commitment to a coat but still adds that detail to a simple outfit! Like this one for example!
I always wear my embroidered bomber, which was from F&F Tesco, over black jeans or in this case my black velvet slip dress with a little stripy tee!
I absolutely love anything embroidered such as my floral bomber!

What are you digging in the embroidered department?



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