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Top 10 Items You Need In Disney

Okay, you knew a Disney post was coming along, if you follow me on instagram or twitter, you could totally tell Im suffering from the disney blues.. *just take me back to my castle darn it.*
So within my lifetime I’ve visited DisneyLand Paris around 14 times since being a small child and Disney World Florida twice within my teenage..hood.
So I can confirm that I can give you a few pointers on things you DEFINITELY need to take into the Disney parks!

Trust me on this one, even if you take a hooded coat with you a poncho is also suuuper handy when you visit a Disney park, whether it be a wet ride or just a rainy shower, easy to throw into your bag and just as easy to throw on, you may look like a big bin bag but hey.. you’re in disney!16699885_10210868454461745_703396666_n.jpg

9. Zip lock bags, okay hear me out.
If you stay in one of the disney hotels in Paris & pay for your breakfast buffet, I always make a ham croissant or just pop some dry cereal into a zip lock bag so if you get snacky.. like me, you can just grab for it from your bag!
This is also handy for wet rides again, I always have one to pop my phone/camera etc into just for extra precautions!16699831_10210868274937257_718429404_n.jpg

8. Beverages
From experience with Disney Florida & Paris you are allowed to take plastic bottled beverages into the parks with you, although you can buy drinks within the parks, if you’re looking to keep to a budget I’d definitely recommend taking in a bottle of water or if you’re staying in Florida, take your refillable cup with you to get free water in the parks!

7. Plasters are a given, your favourite shoes may be the worlds comfiest, but you’re gonna be doing a hell of a lot of walking!
Or you may need them if you get a tad over excited and trip on your way down mainstreet.. the tramlines im telling you!

6. Map, its always handy to pick up one of the maps provided for you upon entering the parks, even if you’re a pro and know where everything is.. like me, it often has show times etc on it to help you out!
If you have a smartphone you can also gain access to this via the disney parks apps!


5. Change, carrying some loose change will make it so much easier when it comes to vending machines, putting change into them penny press machines or even making a wish at Cinderellas well.

4. Autograph Book, I’ve had the same autograph book for Disney since I was born and for the past 19 years it has signatures in it from each and every trip, its just definitely something special to look back on, PLUS sometimes the princesses and cast members may write something a tad more personal in your books whether it be one of their favourite quotes or including your name in the message!


3. Camera/phone/polaroid, okay so everyone moans that phones are taking over people, but with a new era means its so much easier to snap and share memories, I have countless photo albums at home FILLED with childhood Disney pictures, and now that smart phones and cameras are so easily come by? Its so much easier taking snaps of your favourite second home!

2.  WHERE ARE YOUR EARS AT, no not your actual ears, your disney ears!!!
I dont care how old you are, you need to have some ears whether they be classic mickey, glitter minnie or maleficents horns, or take a full selection for each day that you’re there!

1. YOURSELF, GET YOUR DISNEY LOVING ARSE THERE NOW AND MAKE SOME MAGICAL MEMORIES!.. trust me, you will NOT regret it.16652047_10210868275377268_1440725117_n.jpg


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