How I Edit My Insta Snaps

Okay, first things first, I bloody love instagram and it is NO secret that I like to keep mine as neat and tidy as possible.. sometimes.
So if I’m uploading a snap, it has to be edited, make those whites white and the shadows shadowy’er?
As eyeroll worthy it is, I do like to have a theme in my instagram, it often changes throughout the seasons but still has a certain theme to it so Im going to be showing you how I usually edit my snaps ready for upload!

Im really not a fan of instagrams editing tools as I feel they never quite give you what you exactly want so I personally use ‘Afterlight’, its not a free app but at only 0.79 its not going to make you close the tab.unnamed
Afterlight as an app in general is suuuuuuper easy to use, gives you a bunch of tools to use and even an array of filters that you can then edit ontop of if you still arent satisfied with the result!
You can purchase different filter packs within the app which I did because I like to have my cake and eat it.. whilst also getting some great quality insta worthy pics out of it!

Heres a picture of a shameless plug, ie: my twitter and insta handles on my new cinematic light box.
1. Firstly, I up the brightness, sometimes all the way 100% and sometimes maybe 75% depending on how washed out the image will look as I dont want the image to be too washed out but it makes my whites whiter!
2. Contast, I also up the contrast quite a bit as I like my dark tones to be darker than the bright tones.
3. Filter, I then head to my filters and open up the ‘wanderer’ section, this set of filters I did have to pay 79p for yet I knew they’d be worth the money.
4. I almost always use Glen, it helps make your whites paper white and really makes darker tones stand out whilst also adding a faded effect to the darker areas.
The only negative side to this filter is that it makes blues have more green tones which is bad news now that I have blue hair!
5. And thats it! As cliche as it is, I really love the effect this adds to my pics as it can benefit both dark grunge style images and also those with a clean white theme!


And thats all there is to it!!
There are ways around gaining the same effect as mine by using free apps or tweaking with any other editing softwares you can use but I just prefer to use Afterlight, I love the fact it doesnt take the quality away from the original image either unlike a lot of other editing apps!

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