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Storytime: Be young, be free

I hate to be one of those ‘you do you’ moaning asses but I feel like this needs to be addressed as casually as possible without overthinking it.
I hope you have your brews and snacks ready because Im digging deep with this one

So up until last June/July I was about to turn 18 within a month and I already thought I was going through the comical ‘midlife crisis’ at the age of 17.. ya,
I’d barely made it through my first year of A’levels, I was about to do my exams and Id hit an absolute wall at possibly the worst time possible.
I had everyone above me, head of years, teachers, adults in general, telling me I need to have my shit together and at the age of 17 I need to decide on a career path and stick to one only.nick
If you know me, this is bloody difficult, I literally change my mind so easily, Im easily bored and easily get off track so deciding what I wanted to actually do with my life within the space of a month? obviously it would of course be an absolute STRUGGLE!
There’d always be the nagging reminder that I have to revise, work, socialise, courseowork, homework AND DECIDE ON MY FUTURE?! Not going to happen. brain meltdown.
Fast forward a week or two and it just clicked, like it had always been in the back of my mind but I’d never given it proper thought, Graphic Design.
It seemed pretty obvious considering everything I absolutely love basically ticks all boxes for graphic design, I assume the reason it never came to me was because the courses I’d taken at my college didnt contribute to graphic design whatsoever, on top of this factor, my college didnt even do a graphic design course.. well, shit.

It was too late, I’d already lost interest in all of my courses, I was scraping through each day doing the bare minimum despite trying my best, I felt like I was a shitty circus act juggling 20 cracked plates. I looked at apprenticeships, giving up on a career and just working full time, but thats not me at all.
My college at the time were less than helpful, if you werent achieving the grades they wanted, you were a lost cause, extra revision classes wont make me passionate about a subject might I add.200_s I looked into another local college near mine, it has a bad representation but it had the course I needed, the course I wanted, a direct route to my career, so after I finished my as’levels and got my results, I took the plunge and enrolled to begin college again somewhere else doing purely Graphic Design and I didn’t look back.

Since starting my course last September, theres something I’d like to clear up.
I went from A’levels to Btec, and granted it has a lesser name than A’level, but that in no way makes you less academic than anyone else, personally I feel doing a Level 3 Btec Graphic Design benefits MY work ethic a lot more, its much more hands on, I physically learn new things and the coursework I produce is of such high quality because im PASSIONATE about what Im now doing.
I now have free time to fulfill other past times, I went back to dance, I started being much more serious with my channel and blog, I see my friends more, my family more and its all down to ME.
I have had some amazing support from everyone close to me during this transition last year and they’ve all put up with a lot, but this year, I’ve got it in the bag.
ouryearIf you’re aged 16/17 and going through the same shitty time I had where your future is up in the air, you havent a bloody clue what you want in life, thats ok.
Take your time. Dont let ANYONE rush you into things, whether it be your school, teachers or other peers, when it comes naturally you grab hold of any opportunity to reach your goals and you dont let go.
If getting what you want means you have to restart the year, choose a different path from everyone else or just simply go out on a chance, you go get it.

It’s totally ok to be near the cusp of adulthood and still not have your shit together, I’m 18 and Ive only just started to get the hang of this whole adult responsibility fandango of paying bills and owning my own car etc.
You’re only the age that you’re at once, dont waste the time you have or the opportunities you’re given.
Sometimes you have to go through shit to come out the other side, just shake it off and try again!13987681_10209141977900910_1400633997_o

Until the next time, xo



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