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Travel Bag Essentials

I’m talking alllll about what I pop into my handbag whilst at the airport and off on my travels, only small as I tend to take carry on luggage instead and so you’re only allowed a small handbag ASWELL as a cabin bag,

Let’s jump right in,

1. Usually my camera but I was using that to take this pic

2. iPhone, a staple!

3. Small brush, I recently bought this mini travel tangle teezer in the Lulu Guinness design so this is perfect for travels.. Plus my hair gets sO tangled easily!

4. Passport (incl tickets)

5. Moisturiser, because cabin pressure dries my face out so much🙄

6. Headphones, always my trusty Bose headphones

7. Sunglasses, I can’t go anywhere without my Marc Jacobs sunnies!

8. I’ll usually pop a lip balm in there too and an extra camera battery

9. Purse.. For obvious shopping reasons

10. Sometimes (not always) I’ll pop a notepad and pen in there incase I have blog ideas that I know I’ll forget so I just quickly jot them down.. But usually I forget the notepad and pen so..

So that’s my handbag essentials for travels, gone are the days where my childhood necessities were every colouring book and pencil in the world, hello practicality!


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