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Ever found yourself deep in blogs and insta posts and noticing most bloggers are in clubs and girlgangs?
Girl gangs and clubs are vastly becoming popular on social media and have been popular for quite some time, I’ve done my internet shopping and wanted to have a look around before I found the perfect club to be a newbie member of and I stumbled across this beauty whilst marvelling at the team members insta’s (which are really on point) and that club is “TheCryBabyClub”
Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 23.50.38TheCryBabyClub, what is it?
A girly whirlwind of empowerment and people coming together to celebrate the fact that its super okay to cry and still get shit done!
“It is our firm belief here at TCBC that we can be both tough and tender, and that our sensitive nature and affinity for crying do not weaken our character, lessen our value, or hinder our capacity to be all around awesome human beings!”

Not only do they have super cute quirky illustrations dotted around their site and instagrams, but the quotes are super funny and relatable to the leaky eyed independent humans behind our screens.
I instantly clicked to this club as it was quite ironic and fitted to my current predicaments, entering adulthood has literally been an absolute MARE for me, jobs, paying off credit card bills, paying for a car, college, exams, uni, all this shit can get a little too much at times and I love the fact this club totally celebrates the fact its super okay to have those days where you have a cry and then get shit done, literally couldn’t put it any better myself!

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 00.37.45.pngDont even get me started on their store!Im DYING to buy everything!! INCL THESE PINS I MUST INVEST!!!
They’re incredibly welcoming to everyone and their instagram and social media pages are FULL of cute illustrations and quotes that are seriously too true.

13292770_10208549143880430_86025216_nSo here I am, I’m Chloe (SimplyChloe)
Finally proud to be a cry baby, I cry over the littlest of things but I still do what I do, I panic over things I shouldn’t, I assume the worst, Im your overall little worrier.
I never usually cry in public, except for that time I fell over and smashed my iphone and scraped my knees but thats another tale..
But sometimes a brew and good cry during a stressy time is exactly what you need, so why not celebrate it positively via the CryBabyClub

*pictures taken from their site, I dont own the pics!.. except the picture of me.. obviously*
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/crybabygirlgang/
CryBabyClub: http://www.thecrybabyclub.com/
Store: http://thecrybabyclub.bigcartel.com/products

Twitter: https://twitter.com/simplychloe_
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvXltZilgBDJ00OiPW8IGRg
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/_simplychloe/

So stop apologising for your emotions, its okay to feel shitty, its okay to feel groovy
& its definitely okay to be a cry baby, xo


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