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Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Palette

Todays first impressions is on a palette that has caught my attention recently as I’ve been mooching out and about and i’ve been eyeing up some new blushers and some new bronzers or highlights.. not that I necessarily need new products.. its just always nice to add to the collection.. right?!
and hands down it had to be the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar ULTRA blush palette

Made up of shimmery shades its definitely different to what i’d usually purchase as im very much a matte errr’thang kinda gal, but the marbled patterns and gorgeous colours caught my eye!

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 12.47.05First things first, the packaging, whats not to like?! It’s got a sleek black case with a giant mirror and eight gorgeous pans of marbled ombre’d shiny goodness!
The palette was from Makeup Revolution, I bought mine from Superdrug in the 3 for 2 event but they also sell the palette on their own store, either way it retails at £6 which is amazing considering the product you get!

13091749_10208342963086039_617304886_oAlthough it is a ‘ultra blush’ palette, I cant help but NOT use all these shades as blushes, its definitely more of a blush, highlight and bronzer palette, which is still okay if not better!

** SWATCH TIME ** (from left to right)13090579_10208342962246018_1560229849_o
As you can see, after swatching this product is definitely much more of a multipurpose palette as personally I wouldnt use the darker brown shades or the pearlescent white as a blusher, but definitely as a bronzer and highlight!
The lighter shades are definitely highlight worthy, the dusky pinks as a blush and the bronzes and browns as a contour and bronze!
The final shade is the only matte shade in the palette, and after swatching and testing I have to admit, its pretty similar if not the same shade to Benefits Hoola which I love dearly so its a win win!

So if you’re looking for a gorgeous summery all in one palette that wont make your bank balance run and hide and is something thats different from the norm, I’d definitely invest in this palette!


What Makeup Revolution Palettes should I look into next? x



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