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Record Store Day ’16

 Saturday the 16th April, this year held the event which I look forward to YEARLY, and that’s Record Store Day!

Record Store day is a day where artists release limited edition records which are sold in independent record stores to celebrate record store day and once they sell out they’re gone forever.. Unless spotted on eBay for triple the price!

Yearly I write up my list and join the queues in the hope to get what I wanted and here’s this years collective; 
*from left to right*

– Delilah, Florence and the machine

– There will be time, Mumford & Sons

– Kinks in Koncert 1965, Kinks

It’s never as easy as it seems grabbing your desired vinyl as proved this year, I queued up outside my local store at 7:30, the store opened at 8, the queue wasn’t that big baring in mind and they only had three Delilah records shipped in.

By the time it was my turn theyd sold out of the vinyl I desired most, so I grabbed the remaining Mumford and sons and the kinks record and frantically began ringing other stores around my area.                  Sadly they either had none left or had queues still longer than records left and there was nothing I could do. 

Luckily I rang up Townsend Records in Chorely, clearly luck was on my side for once as they had a few Delilahs left and no queues whatsoever now, so we made the 30minute journey down faster than a bloody train and they had my vinyl, so huge shoutout to Townsend Records, you’re my true saviours this RSD!

What vinyls did you manage to grab this year?!


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