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My MAC lipstick collection 

I know I know it’s typical for a blogger to be talking about their MAC lipstick collection but I’m going to talk about them anyway because I just really bloody love MAC lipsticks! 

Okay so firstly, im aware that Mac test on animals it’s terrible I agree it’s the worst thing in the world.. But I just can’t help but love their lipsticks so my sincere apologies if you don’t like the content of this post!*From left to right* – pink plaid, Retro, Ruby Woo, Velvet Teddy, Matte Royal, Russian Red, Chilli.

Let’s jump right in!, MAC lipsticks retail at £15.50 each but they’re around £12 in airport duty free so it’s always worth a look! I believe they’re reasonably priced considering how long lasting they are and the quality is superb!

And now for everyone’s favourite part.. SWATCHES!   *From left to right* – Pink Plaid, Velvet Teddy, Retro, Chilli, Russian Red, Ruby Woo, Matte Royal.

Pink Plaid – A newest member of my collection, it’s a matte lipstick which I bought on the way to Rome last month and it’s the only pink shade I’m yet to purchase as I’m not really a pink lipstick wearer but this particular shade caught my eye, I can’t quite describe why it’s different but it’s a gorgeous dusky velvety pink and I’m in love with it!

Velvet Teddy – My second MAC lipstick I ever purchased was from the matte collection because I was in the need of a nude lipstick so yes, I caved into the hype of Velvet Teddy and to be honest? I don’t regret it, it’s my all time favourite nude lipstick! It’s a gorgeous nude with hints of pinks moreso than Browns and it just subtly compliments any makeup look and outfit, definitely my go to lipstick.

Retro – This lipstick was an impulse lust buy, I was just browsing the lipstick stand because who doesn’t in Mac!? And I found myself looking at the satin shades and out popped Retro, firstly I loved the name, secondly it just reminds me of a lipstick women would’ve worn back in the 50/60’s as its not a bright red but a raisiny browny red shade, a timeless shade perhaps, I adore it and it almost goes on matte and definitely stays on the same amount of time!

Chilli – Chilli, again a matte, is one of those shades that’s perfect for when you need a red lipstick but not a classic pop red, it’s quite a rusty red shade, very similar to boots no.7’s ‘hot copper’ it’s a gorgeous rusty red with brown and orange tones, another gorgeous shade in my collection.

Russian Red – My first ever MAC lipstick that my mum bought for me to use for prom, I’d always wanted a classic matte red lipstick and MAC always came out tops in reviews so off we went and I tried on some red shades and Russian Red came out tops! It’s the perfect red, not too dark and not too bright a red! 

Ruby Woo – A classic retro matte shade from mac, this shade in particular is a very colour pop red, if you’re a tea drinker (like myself) it can make your teeth a rather off white colour I must say but it’s a classic red shade nonetheless and extremely popular within Mac customers, a must have, perfect to make any outfit without colour pop!

Matte Royal – I don’t know where to begin with this shade, it’s STUNNING and a rarity within Mac as it’s a shade that’s far from the norm! My sister bought it for me for Christmas as I had my eye on it for a while! It’s a gorgeous matte Royal blue shade which can literally be worn with more outfits than you think! I’m a lover of odd lipstick shades yet the only downside is they are yet to release a lip liner to match. This lipstick will literally look gorgeous with ANY skin tone! 

So that’s my MAC lipstick collection so far! What are your favourite MAC lipstick shades?


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