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My Perfume Favourites

I’ve been meaning to do a collective post about my favourites and so I thought I’d start with my favourites from my perfume collection!

  Starting left to right

Jimmy Choo – probably my go to daily perfume, it’s an all rounder warm fruity scent, definitely the opposite of a fresh fruity floral scent which makes so nice!

Flora by Gucci – A recent favourite, this scent is so fruity and floral with magnolia flowers, definitely a light girly scent that takes you straight to a summers day even when it’s Winter!

Chanel No.5 – The newest no.5 as its an eau premiere, a lighter on the nose version of the original but equally as long lasting! Chanels no.5 has ALWAYS been my favourite, I always mention in my videos how much I love heavy scents and somehow Chanel no.5 has always stuck with me as my prime favourite!

Dolce, Dolce & Gabana – A very floral scent, lily perhaps, but not as fruity and floral as the flora by Gucci, definitely a favourite for going out rather than a day to day wearable scent!

LouLou – Another extremely heavy floral scent incl vanilla and sandlewood, definitely one to be used lightly but again, always been a favourite ever since I was younger as my mum had it, now I have my own bottle, it’s usually in my handbags hence how battered the bottle looks!

So they’re all my favourite perfumes! It’s really hard to choose which one to wear every time but I love them all equally!

What’s your go to perfume?


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