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Non Cliche Valentines Day Guide

So, Valentines Day, personally I dread the day, on top of trying to push people out the way to find a somewhat decent card its also the day of my sisters birthday so valentines is always a busy weekend for me, of course theres nothing wrong with a day to express your love for your other half but there’s just something I despise about the extremely slushy and cheesy aspect of it, so todays post is things you can do on valentines day that aren’t for the cheesy hearted!
On Feb the 14th no matter where you go prices will be bumped up and you wont be able to get a seat in any restaurant, cinema, you name it it’ll most likely be busy as hell!

If you are single, this day is not a day for you to hibernate in your bed, I will be both jealous and also judging you so hard for your self pity!
You buy yourself some damn chocolate, you go to the movies, go out with friends, go out and have a bloody good time because you deserve it!
Do whatever the hell you want to do because you’re independent A.F
CARDS. CARDS ARE A BIG DEBATE, if your significant other isnt arsed about cards then just pick a plain one, but for those that again are against cheesy sentiments, fluffy bunnies and cheesy lines are a NO NO, especially garage bought cards with teddy bears on or a sexual pun! and cards for the alternative do exist believe it or not, they’re becoming more the rage each year!
Scribblr are a biiiig supplier of these cards:

Gifts, I personally think gifts are optional, you should never HAVE to buy a gift but if you feel necessary then why not, go as crazy as you like or has homemade as you like, BUT if you or your partner are not a fan of fluffy critters or heart shaped chocolates or fluffy handcuffs for that few percentage that are into that sort of thing..
There are a few more alternative ideas that dont cost the world:
1.  A CD with their favourite songs on, a modern twist on the timeless classic of giving your loved one a cassette tape of songs on!

2.  Polaroids of your favourite memories together for them to keep/hang up etc.
3. Think of something particular about them, if they’re forgetful, a notebook set etc!
Its the thoughtful presents that counts!
4.  nothing at all, you dont have to buy gifts for your loved one its not a rule! Some people simply dont like receiving gifts on valentines day!

And finally, where to actually go on the day, it doesnt have to be your bog standard meal and movies, if thats your thing then theres nothing wrong with it, you do your thing!
But if you avoid the stereotypical outings of valentines day then just do what you and your partner like to do together, you dont need to put a show on for one another!:
1. If you’re a lazy couple, a duvet day (build a fort if you want the extra effort) complete with your partners favourite snacks and movies! – Dress code: pyjamas
2. Go on the hunt for quicky places to go to instead of a high chain restaurant, go a quirky little cafe or restaurant that has a charm!
3. Take a day out, go for a walk, make memories!

It doesn’t have to cost money at all, valentines day is simply a day to celebrate your love for one another!
So Happy Valentines everyone! I hope this guide for you couples out there that hate cliche valentines days helps you out!




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