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Style Inspiration: Helen Anders

I’ve decided to set myself a task, every week I’m going to talk to you guys about people who are utter style inspirations, I mean yeah I have my own style and we’re all different but we all have those people we look up to in terms of fashion and its like ‘woo high five I love your style!’
So Im going to kick start it with a current LOVE of mine,


The one and only Helen Anderson!, best known for her blog and youtube channel and the best instagram feed I’ve ever seen in my life, she has to be my absolute style inspo forever.

I’d describe her style as very grungy, pastel grunge, rocker, all round cool vibes with a girly flare and a range variety of beautiful fur jackets and scarves.
She is a style QUEEN and doesn’t shy away from standing out, I recall one of the first videos I watched of hers it was a video on crop tops for curvy women and from then on she has just been a queen in my eyes, she doesn’t give a shit and shes just so bloody cool!
She makes the whole jeans and a band tee look complete and she’s totally in her element in no matter what she wears.

So shout out to Helen Anderson (Formerly known as Helen Melonlady) for being so bloody cool and being an absolute style inspo (and she’s had her hair every colour under the damn sun and it still looks cool AF) love ya!

Where to find Helen:
Insta: @helenanderz
Twitter: @HelenAnderz

So if you havent checked her out already I 1000000% would shimmy on over and follow her on everything!!!

I’ll be back next week another of my style inspirations!

SimplyChloe xo,




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