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First things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! *insert party popper emoji*.
Well, I thought I’d dip my toes into 2016 before writing a post about my hopes and dreams and promises that i’m 99.9% going to fail at keeping, so I sat and thought for a bloody long time at what can I promise to myself things i’ll pursue and hopefully by the end of 2016 I can look back and say I did it, well lets see;

    Im the most unorganised human in the world, I put things aside and whoops a whole month has gone by and that thing I really needed to do I’ve forgotten about, I need to plan things and start giving myself deadlines and just sort my unorganised’ness out!
    This links hand in hand with sorting my shit out, I need to start scheduling posts and uploading regularly on my channel, I tend to post a lot of posts all at once and then you wont hear from me for a while, so thats a main one to tackle!
    This is one that I can safely say i’ve already started, every year I tend to go to different places on holiday, but once a year isnt enough I get itchy fingers to book flights to so many more places! And this year I intend to do that, first stop, Rome!
    Oh my goodness this one is so key, I have NEVER been one for water, i mean, what even is water?!
    Im not going to promise to be fit and healthy because I already dance and go on the occasional jog, im only 18 I dont want to be on a driven mind to lose weight, but I know drinking water has a lot of benefits to the body and mind, so I’m definitely willing to give it a go this year!
  5. SAY YES
    I have been offered far too many opportunities in 2015 and have turned them down purely because I was too nervous, scared, the fear of the unknown, photography jobs, meet and greets, gigs, etc etc!
    But this year Im determined to just relax and take up these fantastic opportunities!

So 2016, I’m ready for you!

What are your 2016 plans?


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