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First Impressions: Topshop Beauty

Todays first impression is on a product that has caught my eye each time I visited topshop, Im all for an odd piece and I’ve never really bothered to try the Topshop Beauty range as I have everything I need makeup wise but this product was an absolute MUST!
This Topshop product is mainly an eyeshadow but it says you can also use it as a highlighter? I’ll let you know how that works out for me.
This is the Chameleon Glow eye shadow in the shade: Wax + Wane – £9

Its a duo pigmented eyeshadow that has more than one tone depending on the light, it looks rather purple and is stated as a purple/pink but in some lights it changes to a gold and blue hues, quite a beautiful product!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou do get SOME fallout during application and a primer is definitely needed, I have seen many people wear it on top of dark matte shades but I tend to wear it alone with a dark shade in my crease.

PA190324I just love how shimmery it is, Im absolutely in love with it, some may argue its a little bit pricey for a singular eye shadow but topshop always do student discount so bare that in mind!

So, will you be rushing out to grab this eyeshadow?
Personally I wish they’d bring out a full colour range in them!


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