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OOTN: Tassle Dream

I’m no stranger to going gigs when I’m free and I thought it was about time I posted what I’d usually wear to gigs and such, I really wanted to do a get ready with me video for my channel but im too much of a rush around last minute getting ready kind of gal.

This particular gig was to watch my boyfriend and his band support another band at the o2 Academy in Liverpool and so here is what I wore:


First things first, how GORGEOUS is this playsuit ?!
Literally tassle heaven, I bought this from an app called Depop, depop is essentially like ebay but much more smart phone friendly and its just where I prefer to buy clothes from, I was hunting this particular product down for what it seems like a lifetime as it came into the H&M limited edition ‘coachella’ collection, and my size pretty much sold out straight away, yet I finally have it in my clutches!

I feel like a playsuit is a real go’to for gigs as all you need to do is throw some tights on and boom, outfit sorted without effort!

To complete this outfit I added my pandora ring which I literally wear every single day and a simple necklace from Primark believe it or not, for shoes?
This is an obvious answer, my chunky platform chelsea boots of course!
I tend not to wear my best shoes for gigs as the likelyhood of them getting soaked in people spilling drinks and such is high!

Also, also, also, hair isnt a big deal, I usually have it down but it ends up in a pony tail by the end of the night as it gets beyond hot dancing away, trust me!

What are your go-to going out outfits?


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