Is this goodbye ?

Hello all!
It’s been quite a while hasnt it, the reasoning for this is something quite large, larger than those large jars of nutella you can buy from costco, it’s been a hard decision and its taken a while to get things sorted ready to sort of ‘launch it’ but JustYourAverageGirl is coming to an end, no no I’m not leaving the blogging world or the youtube world, I’m simply rebranding, I feel like I’ve matured since I started JustYourAverageGirl and I’ve definitely outgrown the name, I find it rather cliche and internally cringe whenever someone says the name which is sad!

So, the new name?
I asked for some suggestions and a friend of mine actually pointed out this name and I feel like it just clicks and has a nice ring to it, ‘ SimplyChloe
It doesnt get much simpler than that does it?
But since then I’ve created some cover photo pictures including the new name and such to start the rebranding scheme straight away, JustYourAverageGirl may be gone, but only to make way for something much better!
So here is the first image of SimplyChloe:


I posted a video on youtube explaining this a little bit more thoroughly so heres the link for that:


I hope you’ll all support me throughout this change, and as always,
I’ll speak to you soon!



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