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Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick Review

It’s time for another beauty review!
This week I finally got my hands on an item I have been lusting over for quite some time and it arrived at my door and naturally I had to test it out!
Lime Crime’s opaque lipsticks are somewhat the talk of the internet at the moment, apart from the negativity of the company the lipsticks have some fantastic reviews and are quite well known for their opaque lipsticks in unusual colours making them an oddity!
I have been on the hunt for a lilac lipstick to replace my old MUA one and of course with a better quality and after watching countless amounts of youtube videos and reviews and swatches I decided to look into Lime Crime.
Naturally people pointed me towards the shade ‘D’lilac’ yet I found it just too pale and with my skin being pale I didnt want it to wash me out and even worse, make my teeth look yellow which is a common lookout when buying lipsticks!

IMG_8608I came across their classic shade ‘AirborneUnicorn’ which at first I was concerned that it may be more of a purple than a lilac but I just jumped for it and purchased the shade as reviews said it was a dark lilac but a gorgeous blend of lilac/violet and can be built up for a more pigmented look and so this is my Lime Crime lipstick.

Okay, okay okay! Where do we begin!!
The packaging. is. STUNNING, im usually one for chic and sleek packaging but Lime Crimes lipstick packaging is just my dreams all into one packaging, the iconic unicorns on the lid of the product and the cute silver stars dotted around, the box I assume I got a limited edition anniversary packaging and its a gorgeous holographic box with the anniversary on and such which I was extremely pleased about as I love a rarity!


The product itself goes on so smoothly and is applied with ease, its a nice thick consistency but not gloopy, it doesnt dry out whilst on the lips either so it stays put and the colour can be built on and as you can see from the picture it is HIGHLY pigmented!
I often like to do an ombrè lip with this lipstick using a darker purple lipliner and it works beautifully!
I haven’t fully tested out the staying power of this product but I wore it for around 4 hours in college and it didnt budge nor fade!
(+ it smells GORGEOUSLY LIKE VANILLA, kind of like MAC lipsticks!)

The lipsticks are around £13 which isnt too badly priced considering MAC lipsticks are around £15.50 and you definitely pay for a gorgeous product in a gorgeous packaging so if you’re feeling daring I’d definitely check out all their other bold shades and stand out from the crowd!
Bold coloured lips are definitely making a breakthrough!
You can visit the website here:

Have you thought about buying any bold coloured lip products? x


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