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First Impressions: Ritz crisp & thin*

I was given the opportunity to try out the new Ritz crisps as im extremely opinionated and my honest reviews are well… extremely honest!

I was sent both the large share packs and the individual packs of the crisps in the flavours they have available in their range and naturally being a lover of food I had to try them out and with me going away on holiday to the British seaside they made the best car journey snacks!IMG_7543

From top left to bottom: sweet chilli share bag, sea salt and black pepper share bag, sea salt and vinegar share bag, x2 cream cheese and onion individual bags.

I think my favourite flavour HAD to be the sweet chilli ones, they taste like sweet chilli sunbites and the chilli heatwave doritos but MUCH less calories so you dont feel too bad eating a share bag alllll to yourself!
I originally thought the sea salt and vinegar and seasalt and black pepper flavours wouldnt taste much difference but there was a HUGE difference and both were equally as delicious!

The cream cheese and onion ones however werent a personal favourite, I half expected them to be like pringles sour cream and onion ones but a bit cheesier yet they just tasted very strong of both cheese and onion but my mum gladly took them off me to munch on so I assume she loved them!

The packaging alone is a great design, simple, colour coded so its easy on the eye and easy to distinguish between flavours and the packet itself had a matte finish on the black background with all information easily seen on the front!

They retail at around £2.99 for the large bags at supermarkets and I believe they are definitely worth the money and the flavours are so strong that a lot of attention to detail has been put in to make these crisps so great that I believe they are easily a better quality compared to your usual walkers cheese and onion, speaking of which, the jokes around the bag being 90% air and 10% crisp is NOT an issue with the Ritz crisp and thins, they are full and you definitely get your moneys worth!

Let me know if you’ve tried these Id love to hear your opinions!,
Snack Happy !


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