Check your bargain bins!

when it comes to sale season I usually ignore it, maybe do some online shopping but nothing more, I hate all clothes shoved on one rail in an unorganised mess, but recently I took a trip to my local tesco and headed to the makeup Isle, what I found was not to be missed!

I found 3 large baskets filled with makeup all labelled for more than half price, brands such as l’oreal, bourjois, sleek etc.

I’m not sure why they were in the sale so I just assumed they were end of line items but I’m about to show you just a few of the items I purchased and why you shouldn’t ignore bargain bins in shops!

This handful includes 

  • 3 bourjois eye shadows retailing at £6.50 each
  • Two bourjois velvet rouge lipsticks retailing at £8.99 each
  • A bourjois trio retailing at £8 
  • L’oreals infallible 24 hour foundation retailing at £9.99
  • Bourjois nail lacquer retailing at £6

The total of this handful?: a whopping £61.48

But because of the off chance of me actually rooting through the sale, this handful actually cost me a mere: £19.89 !!

That’s a CRAZY BIG saving! All because I took the off chance to actually have a root!

Sometimes it’s worth having a nosey at the sales, you never know what you’ll find!


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