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The ‘Very Big Catwalk’

On the 4th of July I took part in an amazing event that just added to Liverpools wonderful achievements as a city, this event?
The Very Big Catwalk put on by


“It will be an audio, visual feast showcasing the city’s welcoming, expressive, humorous and fun-loving spirit that characterises Liverpool around the world. From Disco Ravers to Ladies Day fanatics we are here to celebrate them all. Memorable moments will be created by people from all walks of life…the united colours of Liverpool will shine bright with an array of diverse and beautiful bodies

The very big catwalk is exactly what it was, a VERY big catwalk which required over 5,000 participants to model and walk their way down the catwalk in attempt to break a Guinness World Record for the largest catwalk (including participants).
The Bloggers Programme sent out an email to alert bloggers that they have been given news of how to sign up and they will be supporting such event and so I signed up to be a model for the event and upon signing up you could select a category to be placed in, whether that be Vintage clothing, ‘the little black dress’ category, festival wear etc.
I signed up to be in the festival folk category as i feel this suits my fashion taste down to a T.. (although I did have a dress ready for the Vintage section)
Me? A model? WELL! Thankfully they werent asking for professional models, they were asking for anyone and everyone who would love to participate so I took a jump at the opportunity as I knew it was going to be an event not to miss!

The big day:
At 1pm (I had to battle through traffic might I add) I arrived outside the Cunard building to register and recieve my wristband which would allow me onto the catwalk.
A figure then announced that our festival category were going off to have our hair done for the catwalk and so we marched off to our unknown destination, the destination? Voodou Training Academy !!!
We were each seated and given a personal hair stylist, shoutout to my hairdresser from my local area, you are a hair fairy godmother!
I turned up with my hair pre’curled as we werent aware we were generously going to be having our hair done for free for the event! I was given more volume and a chunky plait across the front of my head to add to the festival vibe ultimately we were given plaits and extremely boho chic hair styles!!

The Festival Folk team after our hairstyles have been re’vamped for the catwalk!!! TEAM VOODOU!
If you want to become a trainee for Voodou visit ‘Voodou Training Academy’ on facebook, they run free courses from ages 16+!

5pm: Showtime!
We were slot 34 in the catwalk and so we patiently began to queue behind the stage, which was placed on the sea front outside the liver building and cunard building, when it was our time we were quickly ushered into position ready for our song to be played and our category to begin.

festivalfolk festivalfolkmoi

(Im carrying the Voodou hair salon sign)
Upon walking off stage we were given a goody bag to commemorate the occasion and as a thank you, and I proceeded to watch the rest of the acts until the announcement as to whether we broke the record or not.

It was such a wonderful way to provide Liverpools finest fashion, dance and art all into one show that you could see a few celebs making their appearance such as TOWIE’s Lauren Pope providing a DJ set and Rochelle Humes making her entrance down the runway followed by the Very models showcasing their latest trends, AND THE MOST FABULOUS OF ALL: Scouse Bird Problems herself, I said hello to her and didnt even know it was her until she posted a sneaky back shot of herself on instagram.. literally hiding in plain sight!!!, also not forgetting the endless amounts of scouts there to snap up the next hot model!
It really did show off Liverpools diversity and cultural differences and why its such a beautiful city and everyone was extremely happy and proud no matter what.

If you missed the event but want to watch the full catwalk heres a link to see the footage from the livestream!

The result?
We won the world record for Liverpool, and I am absolutely over the moon that I was a part of it, I was terrified about taking part in the event by myself, but if you dont jump in at the deep end, you might not get to taste life to its fullest, bite the bullet and do something outside of your comfort zone.. you never know where it may take you!

Id like to thank Very, Voodou, and of course, Liverpool, for making the day so amazing!
We should be extremely proud of ourselves and the city, we’re in the world records guys!!!

Until next time,



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