DIY Stickers

This post is going to be a DIY that is a bit of an obvious one on how to make but I just thought i’d show and tell anyway!

Okay, so i’ve wanted some cool laptop stickers for AGES buuuut I refuse to pay nearly £10 just for around 5 stickers.. ridiculous, so I’ve decided to make my own stickers and atleast this way you can pick and choose whichever you like, and it costs you next to nothing!

1. First things first, I created a microsoft word document and filled it with images that I wanted to use as stickers!, simply print this document out when you have a full page!

2. Cut around all your images and lay them onto your laptop to see where you want them to be placed and so you can rearrange etc!

3. Id suggest using a thicker cellotape but I just had regular so I layered them over each other to create a block


4. I then placed the image face down onto the cellotape, of course I chose justyouraveragegirl’s logo!IMG_8178

5. Cut around the cellotape and your image leaving a thick border of cellotape so it will stick and simply place your stickers wherever you wish!
The fun thing about it is that because its cellotape you can carefully peel them off to rearrange!

IMG_8184 What kinds of stickers would you make? x



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