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Festival Vibes

festivalvibesAlthough this isnt an OOTD, I just wanted to share how easy it is to create an outfit with those ‘Coachella/festival vibes’ and with our fashion industry pouring more and more fabulous items of clothing our way its really simple!

This outfit made me feel like I was off to a festival and I’ll definitely be wearing more outfits like this to festivals this year and this outfit REALLY didn’t cost me much at all, its all about finding the right pieces and putting them together!

High Waisted shorts – high waisted shorts are a MUST if you’re a curvy girl like me and you want to wear shorts without your stomach pouring out, okay maybe just the thighs but these high waisted shorts are perfectly edged with a lace frill edge and.. they’re only from primark!
Im not usually one to buy denim shorts/jeans from primark as the high waisted jeans are such a weird fit and I always have to go one size up thanks to my big bum but these shorts are actually perfect so thankyou primark, you got it SO right this time!

Bralets – everyone loves a good bralet, they look perfect with anything highwaisted.. or not if you’re braver than me, bralets can be dressed up or dressed down and they literally go with anything.. I just love bralets so damn much, in the picture Im wearing a black velvet one from topshop but you can literally get them anywhere and they’re just cute to add to the festival vibes, especially as you can get them in all kinds of colours and patterns and ones with pom poms and tassled edges etc!

Kimonos – Everyone should have a kimono in their wardrobe, they can either be a statement piece, or a one off piece if you have a heavily patterned one, this one is my all time favourite, its from ‘Select’ and with it being black, I honestly dont wear black all the time, it just goes with most things and its perfectly detailed with the embroidery roses and black fringing, LOVE IT!

Footwear – you can literally wear anything from sandals, converse, pumps, in this case I was wearing black flatforms, its like wearing heels without the commitment to aching feet! Absolute winner!

Accessories – To tie the whole outfit together I wore my statement black with a silver buckle belt from Dorothy Perkins, it nips in at the waist and adds to the effect of the high waisted shorts, in my hair, which you cant see.. apologies, I have my rope plait hairband from Peaches and Cream.. I love it to pieces!

All together I’d say the whole outfit cost me just under or around about £35, god love NUS discount!

And thats just how simple it is to put together a festival/summer ready outfit that can be dressed up or down!

What are your summer statement pieces?



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