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Review: TooFace Lip Injection Colour Bomb


Todays review is on a product that I was so excited to try out as soon as I purchased it today and at a bargain of a price too!
I want to start with the basics, the packaging and overall appearance of the product.. which I LOVE, the packaging is a simple pale pink with black font and gold decoration, ultimately my favourite kind of packaging, the adorably chic packaging, the product itself is in a simple tube, with gold lid and twist bottom with the colour of my chosen colour as its base.

The product itself is a lip plumping lip tint and I discovered upon applying it can be sheer but you can build it up to a more pigmented medium coverage, essentially the best of both worlds!


The colour I chose is Eastwood Red but its still fairly pink’ish for a red but I can live with that, the product applies so smoothly and as I said, it can be built up to be more pigmented, its not sticky nor wet as I expected it to be which was a pleasant surprise and might I add, you get a lot more product than I thought which is excellent as at the moment I’ve noticed a lot of companies are decreasing the amount of product you get per lipstick etc.

I must add due to this being a lip plumper and if you arent used to lip plumping lipglosses etc, this product will tingle and it will feel like its slightly burning but this will wear off after around 5-10 minutes as this is pretty much the lip plumping magic getting to work BUT do not apply it to the perimeters of your lips as it may irritate the skin around your lips so I’d recommend using a lip liner first and then fill it in using this product!
It’s definitely the most comfortable lip plumper I’ve tried yet!

Overall I simply love this product as its both a lip tint and lip plumper ALL-IN-ONE so without a doubt worth every penny as it lasted my entire day at college and trust me I do a lot of running around, eating, drinking etc!
They come in various other colours so grab yours today!:

Whats your favourite lip plumping product?


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