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Snack Review *Belvita Breakfast Tops

The kind people over at Hill + Knowlton asked me if I wanted to sample the new Belvita Breakfast Tops which.. of course I said yes to because Im in love Belvita’s breakfast biscuits and its food.. which is kind of a big yes in my books!
After only expecting samples they actually sent me these two boxes which is MEGA kind of them and my stomach also thanks you a bunch as I can clarify.. they’re DELICIOUS, they still havent beaten my favourites which are the yoghurt crunch strawberry ones but they’re a very close 1st place so if you want to snack happy without feeling like a couch potato forever snacking on chocolate, why not fill yourself up a bit more on Belvita’s breakfast biscuits.

Not only do they have that catchy jingle of how much you can do in a morning after eating their products but they’re perfect for people like me who really have no time to pour some cereal.. perhaps laziness but Im a very ‘on the go gal’ so breakfast on the go is no option which is why the Belvita Breakfast range is right up my street!
The only problem I had with these is that you simply don’t get enough topping but I guess even a jar of topping wouldnt be enough for me as I love the jammy bits and the chocolate ones are perfect to put aside those chocolate fixes.. I mean everyone has to have a sugar break during the day!
But they’re my absolute feel good snacks right now that are a bit healthier than my usual snacks.. doritos.. oreos.. you get the picture..

Will you be buying the new Belvita Breakfast Tops ?



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