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Snack Happy

You all know how much I love my food so I thought i’d do a post about my favourite snacks and drinks etc!
Theres nothing I love more than going home from work and college, getting my slouchy clothes on and netflix and snacks are my main company for the remainder of the day!

1. Propercorn

It is NO secret that I love this brand AND their popcorn, specifically the ‘sweet and salty’, I mean yeah butterkist popcorn is beautiful and all but have you ever eaten popcorn that tasted so damn good that the fact theres only 129 cals made it even better?
The only flavours so far that ive tried are the ones above but Sweet and salty always seem to be my go’to snack grab whenever im out.. or I atleast stock up on them for slouchy netflix days.
I could easily go through as many bags as possible but I have to stop myself at somepoint.. If you haven’t tried these yet then I seriously dont understand where you have been hiding they are AMAZING!
I almost forgot to mention the guys that make them are awesome so shoutout to the Propercorn guys who always have time for their customers (incl the twitter page @PROPERCORN) you guys make my day!

2. Belvita breakfast biscuits (strawberry)

These are so good I dont even understand how they taste so good but yeah.
They taste like a healthier version of Starbucks rasberry and white chocolate cookies (which I also love) and the fact they’re probably healthy is a plus, because nobody loves anything more than snacking happy on slightly healthy snacks!

3. Walkers Sweet chilli sunbites

WAL988_Sunbites_Orig_28gMy only gripe with these is that they dont come in massive bags.. you know them ‘Share’ bags that arent really for sharing? yeah.
Im not really a crisp eater, crisps just dont appeal to me but the sweet chilli sunbites are just to die for, I dont like the other flavours to be fair but the sweet chilli ones are the best!
I just wish that finishing a bag never happened.. infinite sweet chilli bites.. yes!

4. Peppersmith sicilian lemon mints

Okay okay, so they arent really a snack but they kind of rid your mouth of the sweet chilli right?
I got sent a box of these DELICIOUS mints from the blogger programme and I finished the box the other day and I honestly feel lost without them, they taste different compared to chewing gum and the flavour I received was Sicilian Lemon, they were perfect to just throw in your handbag for out and about adventures and the design of the packaging itself was beyond aesthetically pleasing!
Im definitely re’purchasing them when I can, loved loved loved them!

I mean they’re just my favourite snacks, of course I’d veg out on anything in the cupboards but these would be my absolute go to snacks when Im buying them in.. although they dont seem to last long at home,

What’s your favourite snacks?



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