Happy Birthday Just Your Average Girl !

berfdehWell, well, well It would seem that my blog is 1 year old today!
Happy first birthday justyouraveragegirl !
Considering Im the kind of person who can never usually commit to things, Im so proud of myself for having the confidence to put myself out there on this blog, the blog is possibly my favourite hobby and maybe one day I can pursue it further but for now lets just get through college.. baby steps.
When I started this blog I didnt think it would be read.. like literally at all, I expected it to be more of an online diary for myself but people actually enjoy reading my posts so thankyou!

JustYourAverageGirl has come such a long way since I first made an account, from the original name being ‘everyday youth’ to ‘time for tea with Chloe B’ I think ‘Just Your Average Girl’ is a better name, simply fitting as im just your average teenager who likes to lounge in bed and blog  I mean be productive and stuff..
Although my following may not be an empire, its definitely a little family of the few but you allll mean so much to me, all your comments and feedback has been lovely and any negative stuff was simply comments to build on and improve this blog!

I’d bake a cake but I cant bake so..

Before this gets all deep and like an emotional team building speech I’d just simply like to say thankyou all for supporting me over the first year of this blog, its only the beginning!
You’re all lovely little people and the support has been incredible from both family, friends, readers, etc etc.
Im thinking of doing a little giveaway once I hit 500 followers which may take a while but I just thought I’d let you know that I truly appreciate all help, advice and general loveliness from you all!
Im going to go make a cup of tea and continue planning for some upcoming posts for this year and a new video on my channel!

Love to you all, xx



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