Students expected to pay HOW MUCH?!

I suppose today’s post is more of a little rant more than anything okay let’s just dive on in here.
As a student attending a sixth form in the North West we hop on the school bus for 50p a ride.. No longer.
Mersey travel now have a thought process of over 15 you travel for not double. TRIPLE. The price, costing me £3 a day there and back but that isn’t my issue as I’m aware on an arriva bus for myself to town and back its a little under a fiver but the fact for college people they’ve TRIPLED the bus faire? Ridiculous ?!

Not only have they increased college student faired but our high school students (not sure about other schools) are now expected to pay 70/75p a ride, which is only a 20/25p rise but personally I find that price is severely awkward, 70p yeah but 75p?!.. Awkward change much?
Petrol prices have dropped, the bus drivers aren’t being paid any higher, so why such an increase in price? Why must high school students get a 20p rise whereas us sixth formers have to pay TRIPLE the price?
Mersey travel are yet to release an explanation to this.

Government believe that college students of 16+ should be out working, getting jobs, which fair enough I have a job, but I can tell you now, funding car insurance and other necessities I cannot afford to fund £15 A WEEK. Purely on bus faire.
If anyone knows any factual details on this matter Pop them below in the comments area!

How much change are we expected to carry a day?!


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