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AW14 Tis the season to party !

AW14 means christmas parties, work nights out, girly nights and all round celebrations 24/7 right?
So get yourself prepared and prettily well organised, if you’re like me, extremely unorganized, this post may just teach you something… maybe… dont take my word for it.

Okay, first things first (im not the realest) lets think about whats majorly in trend this AW for the party season, for this I specifically looked at stores like Very, Topshop etc as they tend to be the most influential of stores to show the upcoming trends quicker than anyone.

Colours: this year, pastels have seeped their way into our AW trends ranging from lilacs, mint greens, pastel pinks and creams and then flipping to navy, burgundy and darker shades, perfect to float everyones boat!

  1. Glitter/sequins, shimmy your way into a little sparkly number never hurt nobody, and metallic colours or dark blues are definitely the perfect shimmers for christmas parties whether it be strappy tops, skirts or a little dress, shine it up !
  2. Textures, severe faux fur alert!
    Faux fur is definitely in trend this season, from faux fur coats, fur trimmings on heels, to coats with faux fur collars, perfect to trend your entrance/departure from your night out that will also prevent frostbite.. crucial.fauxfur
  3.  Florals, yes, florals, believe it or not florals have spread beyond spring and summer gone are the ditsy cute flowers, here come the moody bold flowers that are perfect to wear with anything black.florals
  4. Leather, whether it be pastel leather or grunge colours leather is definitely your friend this AW, from little leather skirts to your good friend the leather jacket.leather
  5. Suit up, tailored clothing is BIG this AW, from blazers, to super long boyfriend blazers, heels to add class, cigarette pants, blouses etc, rocking the tom boy Alexa Chung look just got 100% easier now its available in the high street with a pinch of colour, keep it simple!tailor

View’s trends this AW14 and see how they’ve decided to present it with their items!

Party Prep !
Okay, so I dont know about you guys but when theres a big party I tend to plan my things to the T!

  1. Shower/bath relax time preferably using a lush bath bomb/ body wash
  2. If I look whiter than the snow (or current lack of snow) then fake tan sadly is needed once im out the bath,
  3.  Wearing my after bath velcro wrap around I dry my hair and at this stage its time to assess the situation as I decide as to whether curlers or straighteners or a curling wand will be necessary,
  4. I usually by this point sit in a towel with my rollers in aimlessly scrolling through tumblr or watching youtube videos.. *sigh*
  5. Music goes on, time to crack on with my makeup, this process takes.. far too long, smokey eyes, or no smokey eyes?
  6. Spend about 1000000 years choosing what to wear because I legitimately leave this till last minute,
  7. Finish hair..once or twice, depending on how it turns out, for me, usually not that good.
  8. Change outfit
  9. Selfie Time
  10. Arrive at the party fashionably late because keeping track of time just isn’t my thing.. now go enjoy yourself girl, you didnt spend all day getting ready for nothing !

Now you know the trends lets get into this season with utter style !

How are you styling the trends this season ?




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