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Up and Coming: Independent Online Stores

One of the many things I love about online shopping are those up and coming new independent stores where the items are either handmade and are created to suit a particular audience of people.
I Thought Id make a quick post to tell you all what my current favourite online independent stores are, what they sell and where to find them and hopefully you too can own an item of theirs thats different from other things on the high street!

1. Indievidual Clothing


I can only describe this style personally as street grunge, originally being a pshycadelic tie dye clothing based store it has progressed to make some amazing original prints for the independent individual character, if you are this, you will LOVE this store!
It is ran by Danny Aronson a 19 year old lad from Chester who has successfully created and owns the brand Indievidual Clothing.
Independent stores may be on the pricey side yet Indievidual is extremely affordable and you pay for fantastic quality and there is literally nothing worse than cheap quality which is definitely what you dont get with this store!
The only downside is that they have decided to become more of a male clothing store, despite most t’shirts being unisex I’d love to see more products for the indievidual females out there!
I came across this store when I won a competition and I won their classic tie dye t’shirt and rasta beanie, I LOVE these products and still wear them years on!


So if you want to represent your style, check indievidual out!


2. JillyJilly Design / Bottled Treasures

I cant exprjillyess my love enough for this store, Jilly makes THE cutest, kitsch, quirky pieces and home pieces and all things girly that brighten your day!
Again, I came across this store on facebook and ended up winning a competition I had entered to win a bottled treasure, its a gorgeous necklace and each of her items comes beautifully wrapped and presented and all her items are reasonably priced and again, the quality is perfect!

The item I won looks like a little lightbulb hanging upside down from a chain, colour of your choice, and the colour I chose was turquoise, this meant my little lightbulb was FILLED with turquoise glitter, it is just the most perfect little statement piece to really show an outfit off I wear it as often as I can and often pair it with my globe watch and fairy dust choker from english rose designs, as each season comes and goes new products are released, as its coming up to christmas Ive began to notice some christmassy items and cannot wait to see the rest of them!

Check out all she has to offer on facebook:

Bottled Treasures:

JillyJilly Designs:


3. English Rose Designs

Where do I even begin with this store, at the moment I absolutely LOVE this store, the lovely girl that owns it makes some bloody beautiful items that vary from scrunchies to necklaces (mostly chokers) each extremely quirky, reasonably priced, individual and definitely to suit everyones tastes, not many of each item are produced therefore making them an original piece and you’re lucky if you manage to get your hands on a beautiful piece before its bought straight away !
I purchased a choker from this store a few months ago, its called “fairy dust” as it changes colours in the light from purples to turqoise with glitter and oh my god its gorgeous.
Well, a tragic tale, I lost this choker somewhere and I dont know how, I dont know where, but after messaging the lovely englishrose designs, she personally made me a new one, which I paid for of course, and it was delivered straight away, if thats not kind as hell then I dont know what is!
Long story short, if you want a one off piece of gorgeous hand made items then visit English Rose Designs!

Instagram: @englishrosedesigns
Depop: @englishrosedesigns


I LOVE independent online stores, if you’re one of these like the above, send me a link to your site and I’ll definitely check it out!
What do you think about independent stores?



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