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Autumn Beauty Wishlist

Now I have a job, i’ve entered the grown up world with full force as I enter college with a job by my side and a car to start driving around in and of course one of the best days, pay day!
Here are some items I am utterly lusting over and pay day can’t come soon enough!


Urban Decay Naked2 Pallet –
 I have wanted this pallet for TOO LONG, now I have a job, payday may be my fairy godmother and so this pallet shall soon be in my makeup collection! – £37,

Lush bath ballistic –
 everyone loves a good lush product and for me, I personally ADORE the bath ballistics and lush bring out different products every season and I definitely cant wait to hit the Autumn stock! (any autumnal bath ballistic),

Barry M Chilli nailpolish –
 (from the Autumn collection)
, its a perfect warm colour yet a darker shade of blood orange and it just definitely reminds me of Autumn leaves! – (£3.99)

Revlon Colour burst ‘shamless’ – 
For autumn I really want to try out a darker shade of purple lipstick, I have lilac, burgundy and now I want to try a purple/plum and I feel this colour would be perfect because it’s a perfect bright purple yet not summery!
I love the revlon colour burst matte balms as the product is so pigmented and they last for ages! (£7.99)

cacharel Loulou perfume – 
This perfume is the strongest and most autumnal perfume I’ve ever smelled!
My mum owns a bottle and I keep using her’s and so it must be time to purchase my own, this scent is my typical Autumnal scent as its fruity, floral yet strongly autumnal at the same time! – £28.99

And that concludes my Autumn Beauty Wishlist!
As well as some other teeny beauty products these are my main ones on my wishlist for this season!



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