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Fringe problems.

Here are my reasons of why girls (and boys) get aggravated with fringes… this lead to me growing mine out.

1. Grease Central.
I dont know about you but I found that fringes got greasy A LOT quicker than normal hair, probably due to the excessive “patting down” or combing required to fix them gaps and annoyances.

greasy fringe

2. Dry shampoo becomes your saviour
Carrying a can in your bag becomes a daily essential.. greasy fringe syndrome.

dry shampoo

3. They grow too quickly !
Having hair covering your eyes constantly is not good, especially when you don’t have enough time to visit the hairdressers, or worse, trim your own fringe which could be disastrous.


4. Curtains.

When your hair gets so long you begin to rock the parted fringe look,


5. Braving the technique of cutting your own fringe.
We’ve all done this at least once.


6. A comb is always within reaching distance.
Carrying a comb or a brush becomes a daily requirement.


7. Some days its pointless even trying.
( I feel as though me and Jess are the same person)


8. Any form of wind or “slight breeze” will utterly ruin your day.
wind swept

9. Clip your fringe back? Theres always those strands that stick right up.


10. When your fringe looks perfect… this is only temporary.



That was my 10 points that Im sure people with fringes can relate to, I found them personally a little too accurate!

~ Chloe, xo



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