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My thoughts on: Statement Necklaces

Now I feel as though this year so far has been statement necklace MAD! And I never really understood the craze until buying one myself.

I bought a simple gold chunky chain necklace from Primark which I wear A LOT as it’s so simple it goes with everything and can turn a boring black blouse and jeans into something really nice!
Personally I love wearing this necklace with collared blouses and shirts as it adds a really nice finished touch.

I feel that statement necklaces dress up casual outfits and that’s what I love about them!

I ordered this statement necklace from eBay not to long ago and it is beautiful it’s on black ribbon and has gold, pastels and pearls and that’s all my favourite things and I wear this with a simple black blouse and skirt or jeans with some nice flats etc.
They really dress up an outfit perfectly!

How to wear a statement necklace
statement necklace
The main objective to these necklaces is to keep your outfit minimal including the colours, patterns will draw attention away from the necklace.
And finally, if you’re feeling brave, clash your colours! A turquoise statement necklace compliments bright pinks and pastel colours so clash away!

statement necklace dont
Don’t over complicate the outfit! Wearing a heavily decorated outfit you don’t have a need for a statement necklace!
Don’t match it entirely,
Wearing a black necklace with a black top will defeat the point of having a statement necklace that stands out!

You can find unique and different
statement necklaces in almost any high street store now a days so grab one whilst you can!

A video on my channel shows how to style my statement necklace right here!:


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