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Dancing in London !

So, as you guys know I’m part of a dance group called Watch This Space and we perform in various locations around the world, Im extremely lucky to be chosen for experiences like that and so far I have danced in 3 theatres in Londons west end and the centre of London and Disney Paris + Florida.

This would be my 4th event at London and this one is at the London Palladium!

On the 21st of June myself and the team hopped onto a coach (that even had wifi) and made our journey down to London which went really quickly and involved a lot of chicken nugget incidents (watch the vlog ive uploaded)

It also involved me accidentally hitting a guy in the crotch at a service station :/

Upon arrival it turned out our hotel was practically opposite the o2 arena!

I’ll skip the boring unpacking and stuff, but as soon as we freshened up we were allowed to hop on a tube and head on into the centre of London to do whatever we wished!

Being all prepared with my Oyster card I was probably too excited to embark in our journey to the centre of London.. and the M&M’s world.

After some serious debate over where we were going to eat it was between Rainforest Cafe, Eds Diner and Bella Italia

Bella Italia won and so that is where we dined.

Can I just say that although exciting. London underground is insanely confusing like wow.

We began to embark in our journey home and had some hilarious moments, the vlog is funny if you were there i suppose,..

We had a curfew of 11pm in prep for the following day.. a long day in the theatre.

Sunday 22nd June,

I think its fair to say I take all you can eat to a max.. I’ll have 10 of everything thanks.

It was time to pack up and board the coach to the London Palladium, I had my uniform on and my hair in the 3 ponies and quiff as instructed.

I think our coach driver scraped a pass on his driving test as he clearly had no care for if anything else was on the road and if given the chance, would probably drive into and over any car in his path.. so yeah.

After attempting to locate the palladium and driving in circles we eventually got off the coach and just walked on foot.

Shout out to Alice for kindly giving food to a homeless man sleeping blissfully outside the theatre, its a real shame that these things happen to people..

Once inside the theatre we had a health and safety talk, we headed back to our changing rooms to prepare for dress rehearsals with lights and official photographs etc etc, after arriving at 11am it honestly felt like time flew by as we finished rehearsals by 4pm and was time to get ready for the real show night at 6pm.
Being ever so prepared whilst everyone was being all healthy and eating fruit and such.. I brought mash potato that is made using a kettle, everybody loves mash its brilliant!??!?!
Kids you’re still banned from Lucozade you hyper hyper lot!

I couldnt film/photo much back stage but I can tell you it was a RUSH and pure adrenaline rush, the first dance was a bollywood dance and the 2nd dance being a street dance to which we then had to quick change for the finale.
After it ended we rushed to the coach to embark our journey home.. which felt like it took forever,
I arrived home at 3am tired and with no effort to brush through my gelled back hair into a quiff.. how lazy.

London was a BLAST. And I never grow bored of visiting the city, im definitely a city gal!
Thankyou to my dance teachers for making all of this possible!
Thankyou for my team for putting up with me vlogging it all
Thankyou to the company for making it possible for us dance groups to do experiences like this!

Heres the link to the vlog! :

Until the next time love you guys!
~ Chloe, xo


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