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OOTN ~ Gig time


Today’s outfit of the day is actually a night time one!
Every so often normally every weekend I go to a local band night because what better than to spend money on band nights instead of getting drunk in town like most teenagers,
Gigs for the win,
So tonight was a small little pub’gig so heels were not an option tonight,
I opted for the:
– classic leather skater skirt from matalan
– green velvet baroque print blouse/vest top sort of thing? Primark.
– I popped some tights on as it got quite cold, again these are from primark
– black simple loafers, as I didn’t want to ruin my kurt geigers I opted for the cheaper versions from primark so I wouldn’t be gutted if I got them ruined!

I apologise for the bathroom selfie but it’s standard when you’re at a gig and don’t fancy taking a photo of yourself infront of crowds and such!

~ Chloe, xo


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