March favourites 2014

Monthly favourites are back once again… like every month.. of course…

I haven’t really done much this month as exam prep is literally stacking up and im less than 5/6 weeks away from my first gcse exam so yeah.. as you can tell im freaking out like I don’t know what as Im not naturally clever I have to sort of work on it to bring it out if that makes sense?
On another note lets begin with my march monthly favourites!

My first item is something ive vlogged and posted about possibly too much and yes, its my Kurt Geiger loafers.
I won them on ebay at the start of the month and they’re brand new and I got them for an absolute bargain and they have to be my favourite pair of shoes so far, personally I love loafers as they are so simple and complete any outfit!
My kurt Geiger loafers have a really chunky heel and a thick sole which is perfect as I go through shoes so quickly as I do a lot of walking everywhere so these shoes are perfect for my long treks to random destinations.
The feel of them is sort of a velvet/suede with a gold chain detail over the front of the shoes and they are lined so perfectly with a sort of pinstripe cushion for comfort.

My next favourite of the month is a new foundation I have recently picked up as yes, again, my skin tone as gone down ANOTHER level so im now ivory as my holiday tan has officially left my skin so back to being a pale doll it is,
I saw this Rimmel foundation on tv and it was described as being not ‘cakey’ and being extremely matte which is what I need as my past foundation was a liquid substance and often made my face shiny during the day which is an absolute NIGHTMARE as it annoys my skin and makes my spots just have a little party of their own so yeah..
I picked it up and I 100% don’t regret it, you only need around a pea sized amount and it covers EVERYTHING without feeling like you’re wearing a lot of makeup and feels weightless and looks like skin which is perfect for a foundation for someone such as myself.

next we have the number 17 doll’d up liquid eyeliner pen, it’s basically just your average eyeliner pen but I love eyeliner pens because they’re absolutely perfect for those days where you’re in a rush and have no time to sit with a brush and a pot of eyeliner to do those perfect flicks and the fantastic thing about this product is that it has 3 little brush sections to help you draw out the outline of your flicks before essentially colouring them in!

The Yankee candle collection grows!, I purchased another yankee candle this month and it smells like melons and watermelon and such, and it reminds me of the summer so much and it was only £1 from my local supermarket so check it out because they have so many to choose from its amazing!
I love this scent at the moment as due to the bizarre british sunshine that we’re having it makes me all excited for the summer!

Another beauty product I purchased this month is from Barry M’s new Aquarium collection and I got this nail polish in the shade pacific because as you all know, I ADORE mermaids and the little mermaid and such and so I was so excited when this collection was brought out and so during the recovery of my operation I was feeling sorry for myself and yes, I bought myself things to cheer me up, retail therapy and all, and its such a pretty colour so check out the collection!

Another monthly favourite is indeed, my prom dress, but I cannot show you guys my prom dress until the date.. so bear July 11th in mind because that’s the big reveal!.. its not even that big of a deal but im in love with my own dress,.. my bad.

And lastly, my last monthly favourite this month is indeed the film Frozen.
I LOVE DISNEY. and so this film came out on dvd this month which I am yet to purchase but I went to see it this month and it is SUCH an addictive and loveable film.. i cannot even express how amazing it is so i’ll leave a link to the trailer down below so you can check it out if you haven’t watched it already as whenever a new Disney film comes out im sceptical as to whether i will like it or not as I love the classics and i find it difficult to accept new Disney films into the family yet this film i found reminds me so much of what Disney used to be like and how the old films were like with the original Disney princesses and the songs are so bloody catchy they will literally stick to your brain all day!

So that’s all for this months little favourites, im sorry there isn’t much but im hoping it will do for this month until the exams are over and out of my life so I can continue doing what i love most!

~ Chloe, xo


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