OOTD 29.03.2014

OOTD Is back again!… For another day!
Had an early morning trip into town for breakfast and shopping with my boyfriend and thought I’d share with you guys what I was wearing!

My skirt is from matalan and I’m not sure what the price was as it was given to me as a gift,
It’s a burgundy and black tartan tight fitting skirt that I love tucking polo tops into!

My top is indeed a polo top from primark for only Ā£4 !
It’s white with a blue and red striped collar decoration, sneaky cheat if you don’t want to pay fred perrys amount of money for a polo!
I won’t tell if you don’t!

I think my tights are from primark as they’re quite cheap for such a basic item, you can pick up a pack for around Ā£3 I think.
My shoes are my good classic Chelsea boots that I’ve had for so long and they’re still as though they were brand new!
To finish off the Chelsea boots I’m also wearing some little burgundy ankle socks with a white frill
You can pick the socks and many other colours from topshop!
Due to the weather being very confusing today I also threw on my trusty green fleeced parka from matalan which was only Ā£30!
A very cheap outfit that can be worn in many different ways.. Success!


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