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OOTD 23.03.2014

Hey guys !
So I’ve not really been up to much at all today apart from finishing off coursework and revising BUT!
The parents decided tonight we shall go out for tea purely because cooking was out of the question with the lack of effort we all had so this is what I wore for a little family meal out tonight!

This paisley pussy bow blouse I actually got given to me by a friend (thankyou Nicole!!) I’ll put a link to her blog below this post!
The blouse is from primark and I’m not sure how much it was.. But it’s my favourite blouse so far!

These wet look leggings I consider to be a staple in anyone’s wardrobes! They’re from top shop but you can pick them up from literally any clothes shop these days

This cheetah print fur coat is something I’ve been looking everywhere for!
I’m really picky with my coats and so finding a short haired cheetah print one was so difficult until I got this one from primark and I think it was around £20+ , I got it for Christmas and I’ve never worn it before until I braved up the courage to wear it tonight!
How do you guys style fur coats?

And lastly my favourite shoes at the moment!
My kurt geiger loafers which I won (brand new) on eBay for an absolute steal at £15 considering how much they were in the shops!
They’re real Italian kurt heifers with a little gold chain linking over the front and they feel heavenly they have a velvety feel to them and a nice chunky heel so keep your eyes peeled on eBay you never know what bargains you might find!

That’s it for today’s outfit of the day!
Hope you all enjoyed reading into my mad outfits!
~ Chloe, xo


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