Newbie problems!!!

Being a blogger is tough especially if you’re new to it!
Im still getting a hang of trying to write posts that are exciting enough for people to read and getting traffic is so difficult that i can relate to all you new bloggers such as myself.
The most difficult part of it is trying to get yourself noticed!, there are so many amazing blogs out there that its nearly impossible to get yourself noticed..
Dont fret!, having a blog is all about having some fun so focus on the fact you’re doing what you love and if the traffic and interest comes along with it then fantastic!

Bloggers stick together so support your fellow blogger!, if you share their blog more than often they’ll raise some interest for yours too!
Blogging is a jungle out there!, keep your names simple and your blogs professional but that doesnt mean you cant have fun too!, write about things you love and raise interest about them by using tags and such!
Make it eyecatching with photos and an interesting post title!
Dont forget its not all about the ratings and  making it as a big star blogger!.. It’s all about having fun!
Keep calm and carry on blogging!

~ Chloe, xo


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