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Prom stress!!

Prom season seems to have begun and everyone is rushing around buying their suits and dresses etc etc.. All but me.
I’m super picky when it comes down to that perfect dress and if you’re like me today’s short post will be me giving you some top tips to make your decision easier and less stress free!

1. Colour
You should go for a colour that suits your skin tone or even your favourite colour! That way you atleast know that you want the dress to be a specific colour which therefore makes the process a lot easier!

2. Style
Think of what kind of length of dress you want and what kind of top whether it be strapless, long sleeve, short sleeve etc.

And finally,
3. Don’t stress
Don’t stress ladies!
You can get your shoes, bag, hair and makeup AFTER the dress as actually choosing the dress makes the rest all oh so much simpler so don’t stress out!
Be yourself and have fun with it!
You’ll never have a prom night again so enjoy the experience whilst you can!

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful as they’ve helped me so far as I am yet to find the perfect dress!
Thanks for reading guys!
Happy shopping!

~ Chloe, xo


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